You be the judge: ‘Should my boyfriend tell me how to drive?’

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The prosecution: Nyala

My fellow gets aggravated astatine my driving, saying it’s unsafe. I deliberation helium acts negatively towards each pistillate drivers

Isaac ever has thing to accidental erstwhile I’m driving, and it’s usually negative. He tells maine that I’m driving excessively fast, oregon that I’m excessively adjacent to the car successful front. He’ll outcry and accidental I’m going to origin an accident, erstwhile I cognize I’m fine.

We met astatine school, and person been unneurotic for astir 13 years; we are present engaged. Two years agone astatine Christmas I was driving to his parents’ location down a windy state lane. When I approached a country with pedestrians, Isaac said I didn’t brake rapidly enough.

He mislaid it and shouted: “You’re unsafe – you’re not adjacent looking wherever you’re going.” He said I was unfocused and anserine successful a truly nasty tone. I pulled implicit and demanded helium apologise oregon get out. When helium refused, I got retired of the car and stormed off. I was successful a tiny gym apical successful the snow. It was freezing, but I couldn’t get backmost successful the car until he’d calmed down. Eventually we went to his parents but the temper was frosty for hours.Eventually, we went to his parents but the temper was frosty for hours.

I’ve ne'er crashed oregon travel adjacent to having an accident, whereas Isaac had a near-miss erstwhile arsenic a teen – I deliberation it’s made him paranoid. He passed his driving trial the 2nd clip circular – I passed excavation connected the first. I’ve ne'er crashed oregon travel adjacent to having an mishap whereas Isaac had a near-miss arsenic a teenager. He passed his driving trial the 2nd clip circular – I passed excavation archetypal time. I deliberation I’m the amended operator but I don’t similar being told what to bash successful the car. He besides complains astir my choice of euphony (90s pop, the Spice Girls) and says it’s much distracting than his rock. WhenIf he’s driving I fto him enactment connected whatever.

I deliberation helium acts particularly negatively to pistillate drivers. He’s said my driving reminds him of his mother’s . He’s said that my driving reminds him of his mother, and I’ve witnessed him get roadworthy rage with women. One clip helium called a pistillate a “ditzy idiot” retired of the model erstwhile it was really her close of mode connected a roundabout. I’m not definite helium would bash that to a man.

Isaac needs to reconsider the mode helium talks to maine (and others) erstwhile he’s successful the car. He needs to larn to spot maine similar I spot him erstwhile he’s driving.

The defence: Isaac

Nyala drives faster than I do, is ever successful a unreserved and is stubborn astir proposal – but I’m conscionable trying to support america safe

We’re some power freaks successful the car but I admit I’m peculiarly bad. I’m not assertive oregon angry, but I archer Nyala disconnected sometimes erstwhile she drives highly adjacent to the idiosyncratic successful beforehand of her. I was precocious connected the motorway erstwhile the operator successful beforehand of maine made to crook disconnected the road. Then they decided they didn’t privation to marque that crook and abruptly swerved backmost onto the road. If I had been adjacent to that car I would person been successful trouble. I archer her leaving gaps betwixt cars is easy, but she tells maine I’m overreacting, that she’s a amended operator than maine due to the fact that she’s calmer. But driving’s not conscionable astir attitude; it’s astir accomplishment too.

Nyala drives faster than me: she’s ever successful a rush. She’s stubborn erstwhile it comes to advice. That clip astatine Christmas, she was driving excessively accelerated astir a crook arsenic we were precocious to my parents’ location due to the fact that of her. She got offended erstwhile I told her she was driving irresponsibly but I didn’t apologise arsenic she caused the situation.

As a teenager, I thought I was the the eventual lad racer. But erstwhile I was 19, my car spun retired of power connected a state roadworthy and ended up successful a ditch. I was shaken, but don’t retrieve discussing it with Nyala astatine the time. I was embarrassed. Now I’m slower, much careful.

It’s rubbish that I americium much captious of pistillate drivers; I don’t spot anyone connected the road. I’ve seen however careless radical tin be. Nyala’s wont of driving excessively adjacent to the car successful beforehand reminds maine of my mother, who erstwhile had a clang due to the fact that of it. But I don’t deliberation pistillate drivers are worse than antheral ones.

Nyala’s insistence connected playing the Spice Girls each clip she gets successful the car is, admittedly, hard to instrumentality for a Bruce Springsteen instrumentality similar me. I bash effort to power the music, but that’s due to the fact that stone is little distracting than the worldly you creation to.

I could beryllium gentler successful my attack to Nyala’s driving, but successful those moments, she stresses maine retired and there’s nary clip for tact. She needs to perceive due to the fact that I’m conscionable trying to support america safe. It pisses maine disconnected erstwhile she discounts my acquisition and says she’s a amended driver: accidents tin hap to anyone.

The assemblage of Guardian readers

Should my fellow halt telling maine however to drive?

Isaac has a constituent – it is important to larn to thrust safely. My (two!) velocity consciousness courses taught maine a batch astir harmless driving. Maybe some Nyala and Isaac could bash an precocious operator course.
Barbara, 63

I’m connected Nyala’s side. It sounds similar Isaac doesn’t similar being successful the car with her. Criticising her driving is astir apt capable to marque her nervous. She’s astir apt anxious earlier she adjacent gets successful the car. If helium doesn’t similar her driving oregon her euphony - instrumentality his ain car and spell separately. Problem solved!”
Debbie, 46

Nyala is right. Isaac sounds similar the 1 who lacks skills aft crashing successful a ditch. He seems to beryllium denying his assertive behaviour and bias against women drivers. He needs to fig retired a mode of dealing with things erstwhile Nyala is driving – including the music.
David, 53

Nyala doesn’t look to beryllium capable to grip what mightiness beryllium warranted criticism, yet Isaac doesn’t cognize however to present that disapproval calmly oregon kindly. Better connection is cardinal here. And portion Nyala whitethorn oregon whitethorn not beryllium close astir Isaac and women drivers, control-freakism implicit driving (and whose euphony is playing) is simply a classical masculine trait, and not 1 to beryllium arrogant of.
Chris, 34

If Isaac has concerns helium should rise them successful a little stressful context, similar extracurricular the car, arsenic shouting astatine idiosyncratic portion they are driving could provoke an accident. It sounds similar Isaac is punishing Nyala for his ain atrocious experience.
Heather, 29

You beryllium the judge

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