You Can Finally Transfer Your WhatsApp Chats Between iPhone and Android

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In the past, switching from iPhone to Android meant losing your in-app WhatsApp conversations. But now, all Galaxy and Pixel phones tin transportation WhatsApp messages betwixt operating systems. Whether you’re looking to power from iPhone to Android oregon vice versa, your WhatsApp messages tin marque the switch, too.

While Pixels and Galaxies are presently the lone phones supported here, they won’t beryllium for long. There should beryllium much compatible devices connected the way, since Google made the diagnostic disposable to smartphone developers with the motorboat of Android 12. Until then, determination are unofficial workarounds to determination your WhatsApp chats betwixt immoderate device.

How to transportation WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android

To start, you’ll request a Lightning to USB-C cable. Make definite you’re moving the latest mentation of some your operating strategy and WhatsApp, past link the 2 phones with the cable. As you spell done the setup process, you’ll get a punctual astir transferring WhatsApp chats with a QR code.

Scan the QR codification with your iPhone, and your devices volition instrumentality attraction of the rest. All of your conversations and media volition transportation implicit truthful you tin entree them from your caller Android phone.

You tin besides effort opening WhatsApp connected your iPhone aft connecting the 2 phones. Go into the app’s settings, pat “Chats,” past pat “Move Chats to Android.” As with the different process, your phones volition instrumentality attraction of it from there.

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How to transportation WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone

That’s however you transportation WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android, but what astir the different mode around? WhatsApp says they’ll marque the transportation process available to each users soon, but for now, it lone works 1 way. However, you tin usage unofficial methods to determination your chats betwixt phones.

First, download the Dr.Fone tool to your computer. This is simply a free, third-party app for restoring chats and transferring information betwixt devices. After downloading and installing it, plug some your iPhone and Android phones into your computer.

Open Dr.Fone and click “Restore societal app.” Click “WhatsApp,” past “Transfer WhatsApp messages,” and the app should amusement some your phones connected the screen. When you click “Transfer,” the app volition commencement moving the data, and you tin way the advancement connected your screen.

Once the transportation process is done, click “OK” and disconnect your phones. You should present person your WhatsApp messages up and moving connected your iPhone.

How to sync WhatsApp chats betwixt phones

If you privation to support utilizing some phones, there’s an reply for that, too. The WhatsApp web app syncs betwixt your telephone and computer, which you tin usage to your advantage. Keep successful caput this is simply a workaround, not an authoritative method, truthful it whitethorn not enactment perfectly.

Start by opening the WhatsApp web lawsuit successful Safari connected an iPhone that doesn’t person WhatsApp installed. Tap the “Aa” button, past “Request Desktop Website,” and a QR codification volition popular up.

On your Android phone, unfastened your WhatsApp settings and spell to “Linked Devices.” Tap “Multi-Device Beta,” past “Join Beta.” After that, spell backmost to the Devices leafage and pat “Link a Device.” This volition unfastened a QR scanner, which you tin usage to scan the codification connected your different phone.

After, you tin usage WhatsApp connected some phones simultaneously. Since you’re utilizing the desktop mentation of the web lawsuit connected 1 phone, the acquisition won’t beryllium perfect, but it’ll beryllium functional.