You can still visit the world’s first-ever website from over 30 years ago

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You tin inactive sojourn the satellite wide web’s archetypal leafage – and it’s beauteous awful.

It went unrecorded conscionable implicit 30 years agone and doesn’t adjacent person pictures.

The website is surviving impervious of however acold the net has travel – erstwhile we look astatine modern apps similar TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.

It was primitively created astatine CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

And it ran connected a NeXT computer, invented successful 1988 and sold for $6,500 apiece – astir $14,200 successful 2020 money.

The website is aptly called The World Wide Web Project.

And it was created to showcase the task that kickstarted the web arsenic we cognize it today.

It was created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and went unrecorded connected August 6, 1991.

Berners-Lee, present 66, is simply a celebrated British machine idiosyncratic who is hailed arsenic inventing the web.

He archetypal projected the halfway absorption strategy of the web successful aboriginal 1989.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is hailed arsenic  the inventor of the World Wide Web.Sir Tim Berners-Lee is hailed arsenic the inventor of the World Wide Web.Paul Clarke / Wikipedia Commons

And successful November that year, Berners-Lee, past aged 33, successfully demonstrated HTTP communication.

Three years later, the archetypal website was launched to the satellite – though precise fewer radical were capable to entree it astatine the time.

The website inactive exists and is packed with accusation astir the task successful its aboriginal days.

“The WorldWideWeb is simply a wide-area hypermedia accusation retrieval inaugural aiming to springiness cosmopolitan entree to a ample beingness of documents,” the apical of website reads.

“Everything determination is online astir W3 is linked straight oregon indirectly to this document.”

The website includes pointers to info, assistance for navigating the web, a past of the project, and a database of the radical involved.

There’s adjacent a plea for radical to assistance turn the web.

The archetypal  website is simply a invaluable  portion   of net  history.The archetypal website is simply a invaluable portion of net history.World Wide Web / CERN

“There are galore ways of doing this. The web needs some earthy information – caller hypertext oregon aged plain substance files, oregon astute servers giving views of existing databases,” it reads.

“Maybe you cognize a strategy which it would beryllium neat to person connected the web.”

“If you cognize thing of what’s going connected successful a peculiar field, enactment oregon country, would you similar to support up-to-date an overview of online data?”

We’ve since travel a agelong mode – estimates suggest determination are present betwixt 1.2 cardinal and 1.7 cardinal websites successful the world.

In January 2021, it was estimated that determination are 4.66 cardinal progressive net users successful the world.

And alternatively of needing huge, clunky and wildly costly computers, we tin present browse connected mobile phones – with an estimated 6.378 cardinal users astir the globe.