You Should Freeze Some (Good) Bagels

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I did not person a bagel until I was 7 years old. My location authorities of Mississippi is much of a biscuit place, but bagels became portion of my beingness erstwhile I moved to Los Angeles successful 1993, arsenic did Jewish delis. It was an breathtaking time.

Now I unrecorded successful Portland, Ore., which is not a bagel town. There are galore places that make bagels, but determination are lone 2 that are immoderate good—and lone 1 of them is bully astatine immoderate fixed moment, and I ne'er cognize which 1 it is. (I’m not going to sanction them. I don’t privation to fight, and I—selfishly—don’t privation to summation the hold clip astatine either establishment.)

When I bash bid bagels from 1 of the 2 passable bagel establishments, I bid astatine slightest a dozen, due to the fact that it is uncommon that I ever privation to devour conscionable 1 bagel. I region the bagels I program to devour implicit the adjacent 2 days (which is the implicit longest a bagel is “good” for astatine country somesthesia and pressure), past portion the remainder successful half, flip them successful freezer bag, and enactment them successful the freezer. Then, if I privation a bully (toasted) bagel later, each I person to bash is instrumentality 1 retired of the freezer and toast it.

The bagel that comes retired of the toaster is not arsenic bully arsenic a caller bagel from a legit bagel establishment, but it is simply a full batch amended than a market store bagel, oregon adjacent a caller bagel from astir of the places that marque and service bagels successful Portland, Ore. (If you unrecorded successful a existent bagel town, wherever you tin get a bully bagel each time without trouble, congratulations! This hack has thing to bash with you.)

You tin reheat the bagel successful a fewer antithetic ways. I similar to spot a frozen bagel (or bagel half) successful the handbasket of my aerial fryer, past acceptable it to 400℉ and fto the bagel vigor with the tiny convection oven. By the clip the aerial fryer reaches its people temperature, the bagel is lightly toasted. Give it different minute, and it turns aureate brown.

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If you don’t person an aerial fryer, you tin usage a toaster oven. Fellow Lifehacker writer and bagel freezer Sarah Showfety likes to springiness hers a caput commencement successful the microwave. “A higher mounting [in the toaster] tin permission them hard successful 2 ways (from being frozen and kinda burnt),” she explained to maine implicit Slack, “So I’d accidental softening them archetypal successful the microwave for similar 10 seconds is probable champion (quicker than toasting doubly arsenic agelong connected a little setting).”

Once they’re soft, popular ‘em successful the toaster until they’re browned to your liking. Smear connected the shmear, and furniture connected the lox oregon smoked fish. (Portland whitethorn not person the champion existent lox, but our smoked salmon crippled is beauteous tight.)