Young Mother Reveals US Education ‘Lies’ in New Film Aimed at Parents

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April Few erstwhile led a beingness that made her look similar “a poster child” for wide attitudes, she says.

Despite increasing up successful a coagulated two-parent household with 1 sibling successful South Carolina, Few became promiscuous arsenic a teen and young adult.

She dabbled successful homosexuality. She shaved her caput and wore masculine-type apparel due to the fact that “everyone conscionable thought it was the coolest thing,” Few told The Epoch Times successful a Sept. 21 interview. “And I was popular.”

She utilized drugs and alcohol, mislaid her shot scholarship, and flunked retired of college.

She and her household had been blissfully unaware of immoderate important flaws plaguing the American education system. They had ne'er thought astir the hidden ways schools tin powerfully power young radical with content systems alternatively than reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Then a metamorphosis happened. Few turned blimpish nether the power of motherhood, marriage, and her mother-in-law—who heads a nationalist parental-empowerment organization.

Epoch Times Photo April Few says she tried a homosexual manner due to the fact that it was “cool,” sporting a shaved caput successful this 2012 photo. (Photo Courtesy of April Few)

Movie Chronicles Awakening

Now 31, Few homeschools her 2 daughters, ages 6 and 2, based connected Christian principles.

And she became dedicated to opening different people’s eyes to hidden agendas that thrust policies and programming successful nationalist schools.

“Once you larn the information astir American education, there’s nary looking back,” Few said. “I would ne'er nonstop my children to nationalist schoolhouse now, knowing what I know.”

That’s the untold backstory of a documentary, “Truth & Lies successful American Education,” produced by a nonprofit enactment United States Parents Involved successful Education (USPIE) that Few’s mother-in-law, Sheri Few, founded successful 2014. It has astir 7,000 members.

The one-hour movie, released online earlier this year, held its archetypal nationalist screening connected Sept. 20 astatine, a donation-based radical that offers escaped nationalist acquisition presentations successful Cincinnati.

Epoch Times Photo April Few is passionate astir sharing “lies” that she says are being force-fed to students successful the American acquisition system. (Photo Courtesy of United States Parents Involved successful Education)

Audience Finds Movie Valuable

About 85 people—half successful idiosyncratic and fractional online—watched the movie and participated successful a treatment with April Few.

One attendee, Leah Cagle, said she hopes the movie “will energize a caller question of engagement … and a caller grade of owed diligence of schoolhouse committee candidates.”

Betty Overstreet, EmpowerU’s enforcement director, said: “I thought the documentary was good done and each parents should spot it. I springiness USPIE an A-plus connected educating and exposing what is truly happening successful our government-run schools.”

USPIE spent 2 years capturing footage with Great Commission Films and raising $150,000 to wage for it. The extremity is “to marque definite this documentary is viewed by arsenic galore Americans arsenic possible,” Sheri Few said.

Although her radical includes 22 authorities chapters, “we are genuinely a grassroots organization,” Few said.

The radical has 1 part-time paid staffer, April Few, who serves arsenic its communications manager successful summation to being the “protagonist” of the film.

Epoch Times Photo April Few posted this “selfie” during 2020, taking a basal connected behalf of her children. (Courtesy of April Few)

Increasing Awareness

After the COVID-19 lockdowns enabled parents to spot lessons their children were being taught via distant online classes, galore parents became alert of Critical Race Theory (CRT), a taxable covered successful the movie.

Although the movie was successful advancement earlier the COVID-era revelations, Sheri Few told The Epoch Times that the timing of its merchandise this twelvemonth seems right, arsenic parents’ concerns astir CRT and sexualization of children person continued to mount.

Epoch Times Photo Sheri Few, laminitis and president of United States Parents Involved successful Education. (Courtesy of Sheri Few)

“We person decidedly benefited from the genitor outrage astir the country, and it’s caused america to turn and go nationally recognized arsenic a person successful the enactment that we request to bash to extremity the indoctrination of children successful this country,” Sheri Few said.

The movie besides explores different ideologies that are being propagated successful schools but astir apt stay extracurricular astir parents’ awareness, Few said, including different anti-American, pro-Marxist propaganda and “the national authorities strategy to effort to power the system done the workforce improvement exemplary of education.”

As summarized on a web leafage promoting the film, the U.S. acquisition strategy seems bent connected imbuing children with beliefs specified as: “America is racist. Socialism is good. Gender is your choice. Having enactment is great. (Just don’t archer ma and dad.)”

Featured Speakers Give Warnings

April Few said 1 of the radical who inspired her astir successful the movie was actress Sam Sorbo, writer of “They’re Your Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home-School Advocate.”

Speaking from experience, Sorbo said she understands that the imaginable of educating one’s kid tin look daunting. But, she said: “You don’t person to capable your kid with a clump of knowledge. Teach them to learn.”

April Few said she takes to bosom a almighty acquisition from Sorbo: “Children are a acquisition from God,” and parents should “open” that acquisition alternatively of ceding that grant and work to the schools.

Journalist Alex Newman, a subordinate of the USPIE advisory board, stresses successful the movie that fewer radical person immoderate thought however overmuch power the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has wielded implicit American education.

Newman, who has explored the taxable for The Epoch Times, says UNESCO has promoted communism, socialism, and aboriginal puerility sexuality.

According to UNESCO’s website, America withdrew from UNESCO successful 1984, rejoined successful 2003, past exited again successful 2008.

Another interviewee successful the movie, Lily Tang Williams, a autochthonal of China, warns astir information tracking and collection happening successful U.S. schools without parental consciousness oregon consent.

“In socialist-communist countries, they judge children beryllium to the state,” she said.

She said that parents request to regain power of their children’s educations due to the fact that a cardinal to totalitarian regimes is ” brainwashing” children done “free” education.

Williams wept arsenic she spoke astir fleeing communist China successful pursuit of state successful the United States. She despaired astir caller trends. As she says connected her website: “Now I fearfulness the state I emotion is becoming the state I left.”

Happily Married Mother of Two

In an interrogation aft the documentary screening, April Few told The Epoch Times that, until she fell successful emotion with Sheri Few’s son, Bobby, “I didn’t adjacent privation kids—and I thought matrimony was super-oppressive.”

However, April Few became large unexpectedly, got married—and, soon aft that, started helping her mother-in-law with immoderate enactment for USPIE.

At first, April Few thought that radical progressive with USPIE “were a small disconnected the heavy end,” she says.

April Few had grown up trusting that schools person children’s champion interests astatine heart. But the much Few learned the much she doubted that.

She doesn’t blasted the schoolhouse strategy for her misguided choices earlier successful her life. She says TV, the internet, and the betrayal of an unfaithful fellow influenced her.

But she has wondered whether her schooling whitethorn person influenced her to judge that her parents “didn’t cognize anything.”

Epoch Times Photo April and Bobby Few with their 2 children. (Courtesy of April Few)

As she continued to survey issues cardinal to USPIE’s work, April Few realized that the information astir American acquisition had been hidden from her, and she became passionate astir helping others marque akin discoveries.

“I couldn’t disregard what I learned,” she said.

Thus, her mother-in-law understood that telling the communicative done April Few’s eyes could assistance different doubters spot the information much clearly. The movie doesn’t delve into April Few’s pre-motherhood past but alternatively focuses connected her discoveries since then.

Few says she had nary program to homeschool her children, but present she wouldn’t person it immoderate different way. She said families tin take to unrecorded successful a smaller, much humble location and tin marque different choices that let a parent—or a grandparent—to homeschool children.

“It’s a question of priorities,” she said. “I’ve ne'er talked to a homeschool parent who says they regret pulling their kids retired oregon homeschooling their kids.

“It’s conscionable the top happening to beryllium capable to spot your children grow. It’s truthful worthy it.”

USPIE  has acceptable its sights connected abolishing the U.S. Department of Education. However, successful the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the radical decided to temporarily refocus connected “emphasizing the important relation parents and communities person successful the acquisition of children,” its website says.

The radical is trying to “encourage parents everyplace to instrumentality their children retired of authorities schools and determination them to location oregon backstage schools.”

USPIE suggests that parents instrumentality vantage of resources specified arsenic those offered done FreedomProject Academy.

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