Your Child Might Actually Have a Math Learning Disorder

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Maybe your kid hates math. Maybe you did, too, erstwhile you were a kid, oregon you got truthful anxious astir mathematics tests that you had panic attacks. While mathematics is hard for immoderate children, determination are immoderate who bash person an existent learning disablement successful math, called dyscalculia. We volition spell implicit the signs of dyscalculia, however to get diagnosed, and what to bash if your kid has it.

Signs of a mathematics learning disorder

While mathematics is simply a conflict for galore children, and arsenic the program has shifted from “the mode we were taught,” to the “new math” communal halfway curriculum, it is often hard for parents to assistance with mathematics astatine home. However, immoderate signs of a mathematics learning upset include:

  • Counting connected fingers aft peers person started doing mathematics successful their heads
  • Being incapable to retrieve mathematics facts (like multiplication tables oregon confusing summation and subtraction)
  • Difficulty applying mathematics concepts to existent beingness (money, magnitude of nutrient left, etc.)
  • Getting mislaid often
  • Trouble connecting the symbols to the corresponding numbers oregon speechmaking graphs and charts
  • Difficulty penning numbers oregon mathematics symbols correctly oregon successful order
  • Difficulty sorting objects by benignant (size, shape, etc.)
  • Inability to archer time
  • Math avoidance oregon anxiousness

If your kid ticks respective of these boxes, they whitethorn beryllium down successful math, thing that is communal post-pandemic. However, they whitethorn person dyscalculia, a mathematics upset that makes it hard for them to process mathematics information.

“Standalone mathematics disabilities are little communal than reading, writing, oregon language-based disabilities, but they bash exist,” says Paulette Selman, a schoolhouse scientist who often tests students for processing disorders and who besides works arsenic a special acquisition advocator successful Oregon and Washington. It is little studied and diagnosed than dyslexia, its speechmaking equivalent, but researchers are hypothesizing it whitethorn beryllium arsenic communal arsenic they are learning much astir it and however brains process mathematics concepts.


Dyscalculia is gaining notoriety, but it is inactive little apt to beryllium identified by your school. You tin bring your concerns to your child’s teacher oregon schoolhouse counselor, and inquire for an evaluation. If they find something, you tin spell from there.

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You whitethorn besides request to bash a backstage valuation with a neuropsychologist. These are often partially covered by security but tin beryllium expensive. Selman says, “lots of processing issues tin interaction math—working representation issues, enforcement functioning, visual-spatial issues, semipermanent retrieval, etc. So if mathematics is simply a problem, determination is apt an underlying contented that besides affects different things, similar enactment oregon attention.” She recommends, “If your kid is diagnosed oregon identified with a mathematics oregon speechmaking processing disorder, fto the schoolhouse know. The schoolhouse whitethorn request to bash further investigating to find the interaction of the processing issue, and whether they suffice for peculiar acquisition services.” The bottommost enactment of this is that, if dyscalculia is present, often different diagnosis, similar dyslexia oregon ADHD, is arsenic well.

School supports

Your kid whitethorn oregon whitethorn not suffice for peculiar acquisition services with a dyscalculia diagnosis. Selman says, “Some kids with processing disorders who are truly agleam whitethorn not suffice for school-based services, if their grades and trial scores are reasonably unaffected.” If they are struggling successful school, they whitethorn beryllium eligible for either a 504 plan oregon an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Dyscalculia is successful the DSM-5, the papers that lists intelligence wellness conditions and is often the deciding origin for what qualifies a diagnosis for receiving peculiar acquisition services. If you are unsure if your kid needs oregon qualifies for supports, talk to the schoolhouse oregon question retired an advocator successful your community, arsenic peculiar acquisition laws bash alteration by state.

Ways to assistance astatine home

To assistance immoderate kid with mathematics astatine location is often a fraught endeavor, afloat of pitfalls and traps. However, determination are galore resources available for parents of children with dyscalculia. Or, you tin outsource and prosecute a backstage tutor. It is simply a bully thought to find idiosyncratic with acquisition and grooming with dyscalculia and acquisition moving with kids your child’s age.

This nonfiction from ADDitude has large database of each kinds of school, home, and enactment accommodations, but the ones for parents to usage astatine location see pointing retired mathematics successful the world erstwhile you can, playing games that incorporated math, assistance with homework and clip management, and effort to beryllium understanding, adjacent if you yourself don’t conflict with math.