Your iPhone Has Secret Codes

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I emotion hidden features connected my devices. It’s amusive to larn thing caller astir the tech you usage each day, to observe the small features that aren’t advertised. And unless you walk a batch of clip messing astir successful the Phone app, dialer codes are apt among those hidden features for you arsenic well.

Dialer codes are, arsenic their sanction implies, codes you dial into your iPhone’s telephone app. These codes tin bash a batch of antithetic things: One allows you to region your caller ID erstwhile dialing different numbers, portion different tin amusement you however beardown your existent compartment awesome truly is. They tin alteration settings, oregon amusement you information you didn’t cognize about.

Now, afloat disclosure, these codes tin beryllium finicky. Many are carrier-specific, truthful they mightiness not enactment depending connected your cellular connection. I ran into a fewer issues myself with immoderate of these codes with AT&T connected an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Still, these are tried and true, truthful they should enactment for the close operation of instrumentality and carrier.

Here are immoderate of the codes we deliberation are astir absorbing and useful.

Place anonymous calls connected your iPhone

The cellphone, with its caller ID, made placing anonymous calls a happening of the past. That is, unless you cognize however to fell your caller ID. All you request to bash is adhd *67 successful beforehand of the telephone fig you’re trying to reach, and your telephone volition look arsenic “NO CALLER ID” to the different line. If you find this enactment doesn’t enactment for you, #31# is besides known to work.

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This dialer codification is cleanable for one-off situations wherever you don’t privation your call’s recipient to cognize your fig oregon ID. But if you request each of your calls to beryllium anonymous, you tin really bash truthful from Settings > Phones > Show My Caller ID.

Show your caller ID

If you do opt to crook disconnected Show My Caller ID, you mightiness request to cognize this code. Some numbers don’t let calls from chartless callers, truthful you’ll request to uncover your individuality successful bid to get through. Other times, you mightiness beryllium calling idiosyncratic you want knowing who you are. In immoderate of those cases, each you person to bash is adhd *82 to the fig you’re dialing.

Block outgoing calls

Handing your iPhone implicit to idiosyncratic to usage tin beryllium an excruciating workout successful trust. If 1 of your worries is astir who that idiosyncratic could telephone with your iPhone, cognize there’s a speedy dialer codification to artifact each outgoing calls. Dial *33* followed by a four-digit PIN and # (example: *33*1234#). That PIN ensures idiosyncratic can’t easy disable the block. Once you deed the telephone button, the diagnostic should load, past footwear into effect. You tin disable it by typing successful the aforesaid codification and PIN combination.

Check your iPhone’s compartment awesome strength

Have you ever experienced mediocre compartment service, lone for your iPhone to assertion you person afloat bars? Us, too. That’s wherever the tract trial tin travel successful handy; this hidden paper contains plentifulness of information astir your cellular system, but the 1 country we’re looking for is however beardown your transportation is.

Note: this is 1 clip wherever older iPhones person a diagnostic newer iPhones don’t. If you person a 5G iPhone (iPhone 12 oregon iPhone 13 series), you can’t usage this tip; each iPhones tin usage the tract trial menu, but LTE-only iPhones volition beryllium capable to spot their compartment awesome strength.

You tin usage the dialer codification *3001#12345#* to propulsion up the tract trial menu. Make your champion effort to disregard the oversea of accusation this paper provides, and pat the hamburger paper icon connected the right. Now, scroll down to LTE, and take Serving Cell Meas. Check the numbers adjacent to rsrp0 and rsrp1, which correspond your existent compartment operation and the backup tower, respectively. The person the fig is to zero, the amended your transportation to the tower. The further distant it is, the worse the transportation is.

Check your iPhone’s IMEI

Your iPhone IMEI is simply a unsocial fig that tin beryllium utilized to place your circumstantial device. For this reason, it is often utilized to cheque if a telephone has been reported arsenic stolen. It’s important you don’t springiness distant this fig to anyone that asks, but however tin you cheque for it successful the archetypal place?

One mode is done a dialer code. Dial *#06#, and, earlier you ever person a accidental to deed the telephone button, you’ll spot a Device Info page appear. Your IMEI volition beryllium the 2nd fig listed, on with different assorted numbers depending connected your circumstantial benignant of iPhone.

See your bearer details

Want to cognize however galore minutes you person near connected your plan? Try *646#. If you privation to cheque your existent equilibrium with your carrier, dial *225#. On AT&T, I tin benignant *3282# (*DATA#) to spot however overmuch information I person near connected my existent month’s plan.

Enable telephone waiting

While you tin acceptable up telephone waiting from Settings > Phone > Call Waiting, you tin besides rapidly alteration it with a code. Just benignant *43# to alteration it. This mounting is apt already enabled, however; without it, incoming calls spell close to voicemail if you’re presently connected different call.

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