Zach Wilson benching irony isn’t lost on Sam Darnold: ‘Crazy business’

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Zach Wilson is benched and Sam Darnold is starting.

If you’d told Jets wide manager Joe Douglas 18 months agone that would beryllium the lawsuit connected Thanksgiving 2022, it figures helium wouldn’t person been thrilled. Darnold sees it arsenic conscionable a world of the NFL.

“I’m not truly paying excessively overmuch attraction to what’s going connected implicit there,” Darnold told reporters successful Carolina. “I did spot it. Obviously it’s a brainsick business. But, yeah, we’re focused connected the task astatine manus close now, which is playing a truly bully Broncos team.”

The Panthers, 3-8 and retired of the playoff race, turned to Darnold with P.J. Walker wounded and Baker Mayfield inadequate. Ironically, that came close arsenic Wilson was getting benched pursuing his unspeakable show against the Patriots and deficiency of accountability afterwards.

Zach Wilson (left) talks with Tyler Conklin astatine  Jets signifier    connected  Nov. 23, 2022.Zach Wilson (left) talks with Tyler Conklin astatine Jets signifier connected Nov. 23, 2022.Bill Kostroun/New York Post

The Jets announced connected Wednesday that Wilson will beryllium inactive for Sunday’s crippled against the Bears, with Mike White starting and Joe Flacco arsenic the backup.

The determination threatens to enactment Wilson successful the aforesaid class arsenic Darnold, the No. 3 wide prime with the Jets successful 2018 earlier his New York vocation was chopped abbreviated aft 3 years of disappointing play. Wilson is lone connected the 2nd play of his NFL career, but already seems to beryllium astatine a crossroads.

“Zach’s vocation present is not over,” Jets manager Robert Saleh said successful announcing his decision. “That’s what everyone wants to outcry out. That’s not adjacent adjacent to the case. The afloat intent is to marque definite Zach gets backmost connected the shot tract astatine immoderate constituent this year. When that is, I’ll marque that decision, and I’m going to instrumentality that time by day.” 

Darnold, who started 11 games past season, volition play for the archetypal clip successful 2022 this week. He started this play connected injured reserve aft hurting his ankle successful the preseason, erstwhile helium was expected to vie with Mayfield for the starting job.

Sam Darnold earlier  a Panthers crippled  connected  Nov. 20, 2022.Sam Darnold earlier a Panthers crippled connected Nov. 20, 2022.Getty Images

“Playing backmost successful the NFL, it’s a pugnacious job, but it’s the best,” Darnold, 25, said. “It’s the champion occupation successful the world.

“To beryllium capable to travel retired present and bash that each azygous day, you don’t instrumentality it for granted astatine each — oregon astatine slightest I don’t. But, yeah, it comes with the territory though. It’s a pugnacious position.”